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Your pursuit of an (ISC)² certification, the Gold Standard of information and application security credentials, depends on your access to the very best, very latest knowledge of the (ISC)² CBK.

The (ISC)² CBK is a compendium of topics relevant to information security professionals around the world. The (ISC)² CBK is the accepted standard in the industry and continues to be updated to reflect the most current and relevant topics required to practice in the field.

As the creator and caretaker of the CBK, (ISC)² is uniquely qualified to bring you a comprehensive CBK Training Seminar to help you thoroughly understand your security knowledge. Official (ISC)² CBK Training Seminars are available in three different delivery methods and include:

  • Official (ISC)² courseware
  • Taught by an authorized (ISC)² instructor
  • Student handbook
  • Collaboration with classmates
  • Real-world learning activities and scenarios

Fast Lane offer a public schedule in all major cities with public and private (ISC)2 training at your location or through virtual attendance online. Select your desired Certification.
Contact us at info@flane.co.cr for more information.